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7 Compelling Benefits of Business Process Automation


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Business process automation is like flossing. There’s definitive data to prove it’s necessary but there are plenty of reluctant, late adopters who are not quite on board with committing to a new practice. The truth, however, is that every day spent resisting process automation is a day of efficiency lost.

A Formstack report titled The State of Workflow Automation 2018 revealed that managers spend an average of 8 hours per week on manual unstructured data tasks. 25 percent of respondents from the same survey spent an average of 20 hours per week on these manual tasks.

According to a global McKinsey survey conducted in 2018, 57 percent respondents have initiated business process automation at their organizations and intend to focus on scaling the effort further. Results of the survey also suggest that larger organizations (40 percent) lead the way with implementation of business process automation compared to small companies (25 percent).

Is your organization among the reluctant stragglers? Are you not quite convinced about how business process automation can transform your business?

Take a look at the benefits your company will experience when you automate business processes.

Benefits of Business Process Automation:

Here are the top 7 business process automation benefits.

1. Improved operational efficiency

Business process automation software brings about a host of operational benefits for organizations. To begin with, automated processes are largely hands-off, which means that you won’t need to personally ensure that one task in process is progressing to the next.

Additionally, business process automation also facilitates identification and correction of errors and bottlenecks in workflows. This contributes to higher process efficiency overall.

2. Reduced costs

When business processes are manually executed, there’s almost always a significant waste of resources. With business process automation, cost of operations is minimized, thereby increasing profit margins. Resources are optimally utilized and wastage is eliminated. Automation also helps businesses manage vendor contracts efficiently and renegotiate terms favorably.

3. Document management

Maintaining data and documents can be a nightmare with manual or digitized processes. Having to move data manually can be time-consuming and heighten chances of errors.

When automation is implemented, it streamlines document management completely, making it effortless. Data organization and retrieval is simplified. Confidential data can be secured with role-based access. Accurate information moves smoothly between processes, increasing employee productivity by leaps and bounds.

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4. Superior customer service

Automated business processes are in a unique position to boost customer experiences. First, BPA software helps meet service level agreements (SLAs) consistently. Products are services can be made available to customers in a timely manner. Quality levels are held steady thanks to standardization and greater efficiency.

Second, innovation in process automation such as chatbots allow companies to harness artificial intelligence to resolve customer cases quickly and accurately, heightening customer experiences.

5. Visibility and transparency

Automation improves the visibility of processes through customizable dashboards. Established key performance indicators (KPIs) can be tracked at a glance for multiple processes that are running. In-depth reports of process performance provide insights into areas that need improvement.

Automation also facilitates transparency into processes. This helps teams stay informed about task assignments and encourages accountability.

6. Greater compliance

Lack of compliance with industry and legal regulations can prove very costly for organizations everywhere. Process automation software can help businesses stay compliant with ease. Every time an automated process runs, the log records task performers’ names, details of tasks, and the timeline within which they were completed. These logs can prove helpful during business process trails and demonstrate compliance.

7. Improved employee morale

A significant advantage of business process automation is higher employee morale. Automation provides a friction-free environment for employees to get work done efficiently.

Approvals are faster, which means teams don’t need to spend time waiting and reminding managers. Transparency in processes helps high performers get the recognition they deserve. The bandwidth freed up by automation can motivate employees to innovate and improve the way work is done.

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Powerful reporting and analytics features provide valuable insight that can guide your process improvement efforts. You can secure your data with role-based conditional access.

Kissflow can integrate easily with other software your organization uses. It is built to scale effortlessly so that you can focus on growing your business without distractions.

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