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IT Asset Management System


IT & Administration





IT & Administration

IT asset management can be a tedious task when not properly monitored. It can seriously hamper day-to-day operations for IT administrators, new hires, existing employees, and almost anyone dependent on these assets. Kissflow’s IT Asset Management app solves this problem by monitoring, tracking, and recording all of your organization’s IT assets. With this app, assigning assets to employees and requesting new assets by employees no longer requires physical bookkeeping.

  • Asset check-in and checkout
  • Maintaining assets database
  • Tracking asset costs
  • Automated asset requests and approval
  • Asset history

1. Click the Enquire button found on the app tile or the app landing page.

2. An enquiry form appears. Next, fill in the details of the features you want and your team’s size in the enquiry form.

3. Click Submit.

Kissflow’s support team will contact you to know more about your requirements.

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